Charismatic Characters Review

Product Name : Charismatic Characters

Author Name : Niranjan Pradhan and Shelley Penneyn

Official Website :


Animation production has never been simple. You put in a lot of efforts and resources to produce good videos yet they turn out less liked by the audience.

Good videos are able to hold the attention of your viewers longer until your message is completed. But how do you transform your lifeless videos into lively and well-crafted masterpieces? You can use Charismatic Characters.

About Author

Niranjan Pradhan and Shelley Penney are the developers of Charismatic Characters. They developed this product to help business owners and online marketers expose their products to customers in a new and unique way.

Main Function

Charismatic Characters is composed of 1040 characters that can be used to create lively animated video content for marketing purposes.

These characters are either static or animated. The videos come in different styles to suit any audience. With this program, you can create explainer videos for barbershop products, carpet cleaning tools, attorney services and any other goods or services you wish to market. Other videos you can create with Charismatic Characters include:

-special offer videos

-affiliate videos

-about me videos

-daily tips videos

-sales videos

-testimonial videos

-video intro and outros

-promotional videos, etc.

How Does It Work?

Charismatic characters is used to produce mind-blowing animated video content for marketing purposes. It consists of 1040 character packs that come in black and white and colored versions. These characters are used to create client-friendly videos for both professional and blue collar job businesses.

It’s simple to use this product. You only need to choose a character of your preference and import it in your video creation software to make a motion picture. Among the 1040 characters, there are 200 animated ones where 10 characters represent “everyday people” and professionals.

The character packs in Charismatic Characters come in many formats such as PNG, MOV, SWF and Animated GIF. This makes them virtually compatible with any video creation software you can name.

Who should use it?

Charismatic Characters can be used by any online marketers and business individuals that deal with video marketing. Video marketing is a viral mode of marketing that involves the creation of explainer videos to help clients know your product, how to use it and why they should have it in their bucket list.

Pros And Cons


• Charismatic characters is easy to use on websites, PowerPoint, and other conventional video
making software.

• It has both colored and black and white animated characters.

• It saves time due to the availability of ready-made animation characters.

• Makes high-quality video characters that correspond to studio qualities.

• Saves money since you don’t need to hire an animator or artist.


• Charismatic Characters may not be easy to use for those with less or no knowledge about PowerPoint
and video creation techniques.

• While it has 1040 characters, it still cannot cater for all professional and “average individual”
video needs as there are countless services and products in the market.


Earlier on, it was only possible to craft video content that represents professional businesses only. It was impossible to create videos for average individuals like blacksmiths, barbers, beauty salon, tow truck, etc.

Charismatic characters has made it possible for video content to be created for virtually any business. This is a tool every business owner and online marketer should have in order to create high-quality video contents that their clients can relate to.

Wicked Simple Payouts Review

Product Name : Wicked Simple Payouts

Author Name : Shawn Anderson

Official Website :


One good thing about affiliate marketing is you can promote a product once and end up earning commissions from that single product over and over again.

No much hassle is needed. There are a few things you need to grasp such as which product to promote and how to take advantage of the crazy traffic.

The easiest way to earn over and over irrespective of whether you are working or not is through the Wicked Simple Payouts program.

What is Wicked Simple Payouts?

Wicked Simple Payouts is an affiliate marketing tool that teaches you how to get paid over and over by doing less work. It’s that wicked simple. You don’t need to work hard the whole day just to hit your target, no.

This program teaches you a hands off approach where you promote a product once and make recurrent earning. The product’s vendor does much of the remaining work.

Wicked Simple has been crafted to make your online expedition fruitful. With this program, you can be shown which products to promote and how to turn the traffic into your favor. One thing we ought to know is that the internet changes.

Today you could be gaining from a product but the moment SEO and other marketing techniques changes, you lose out. Wicked Simple will show you how to remain relevant and up-to-date with the changing internet.

Marketing affiliate products can get annoying especially when you market products that have low traffic. You start getting a few dimes and the source dries up before you know it.

Wicked Simple shows you how to thrive through recurring billing affiliate programs where you sell a product once but get paid over and over. When the month begins, you are sure to get something deposited in your PayPal account.


The beauty of Wicked Simple Payouts is it introduces you to offers that pay over and over. Even if you dispose of the first website you used to market the product, the checks will still stream in. Additionally, you don’t need to have a product of your own.

Wicked Simple Payouts is a useful product because its techniques have been tried and tested. Shawn Anderson, the author of this product has been earning through the tricks highlighted in this program.

That explains why he has the confidence of offering a money back guarantee if the product doesn’t work for you.

Are you tired of spending the whole day trying to look for a product to promote but getting nowhere? Then you need Wicked Simple Payouts program.

This valuable affiliate marketing product has made everything simple for you. It even gives you a reliable source for crazy traffic to help you earn money whether you are online or not.

This is a tool that sets you at the same level or higher than those who are doing great at affiliate marketing.


One way to survive as an affiliate marketer is by dealing with recurring billing affiliate programs. And this is what makes Simple Wicked Payouts an invaluable tool for any affiliate marketer to have in his arsenal. It ensures that you have a continuous flow of income long after you have promoted a product.

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