Anthony Aires’ Blog Bucks Blueprint Review

Product Name : Anthony Aires’ Blog Bucks Blueprint

Author Name : Anthony Aires

Official Website :

Most people start blogs as hobbies or just plainly to share something they believe may be valuable to other people. Others start them to generate some cash without even snippets of caution on what they are sharing or posting.

This makes their blogs look spammy and could eventually lose a following. If you are serious about making money online through blogs, then you need to read and apply the ideas in Blogging for Bucks blueprint.

About the author

Blogging for Bucks was authored by Anthony Aires, a long time online marketer. Since 2002, Anthony has been using the internet to generate leads, get new clients and make money in return. He has used all manner of traffics and videos to grow his business, and that makes him a reliable source of online money making techniques.

Main function

Blogging for Bucks’ main function is help bloggers, both new and experienced earn lots of cash through their blogs. Not many people out there have the slightest clue on how they can cash in from their blogs without jeopardizing their integrity. This means there are only a handful of people in
our midst who can be considered elite bloggers. If you wish to join this crew, Blogging for Bucks is the ticket you need.

This blueprint is a straightforward formula that anybody can apply. For only 31 days, you will be a distinguished blogger. Well, if you have
already been blogging, then this guide will make you a King Kong blogger.

Many people have tried to earn money through their blogs without succeeding. Some of the reasons why they failed include:

– The niches they serve aren’t hungry enough- you may like a certain topic but if there are a few followers, you are doomed to hit the rock-bottom.

– The market they blog in has limited products- if you decide to sell, say German Shepherd food, then you’ll not get plenty of profits.

– They never monetize their blogs.

– They receive an insignificant number of visitors.

How does it work?

Blogging for Bucks is divided into tiny bits that you can learn each day for 31 days. Once you are done, you will be ready to get paid sharing or writing about your hobbies and interests. Who said you couldn’t be paid doing what you like? With this blueprint, you will learn how you can blast
into cash flow through the following 7 ways.

– Promoting affiliate offers.

– How to locate a hot niche.

– How to put yourself out there as an expert in providing good content.

– How to get publicity opportunities

– How to generate money with Adsense

– How to use CPA offers.

– How to promote other products through high quality articles.

– How to create and market you own products.

– How you can write “how to” or “tips” articles.

– How you can run and manage your blog by following a consistent schedule and much more.

Who can use it?

Blogging for Bucks can serve any individual with a blog. If you are an affiliate marketer, a businessperson, a model, or just an ordinary
person that wishes to make money through his/her blog, this guide is for you.

What are its pros and cons?


• You don’t need any experience

• No technical skills required

• It’s a stepwise guide that all spanking newbies can easily follow.

• You learn how to find the hot-selling products.

• Exhaust many areas unlike most online money making guides.


• The training course is broken into bits that are supposed to last up to 31 days. This is a pretty long time for some people.


Very many people own blogs but they have never earned anything from it. Blogging for Bucks unveils the potential that lies in blogs. This 62-page guide goes deeper in explaining to you all that need to be done to make your blog a cash cow. If you think it’s time you earned from sharing your
hobbies, you better grab yourself a copy while you still can.

MailIt WordPress plugin Review

Product Name : MailIt WordPress plugin

Author Name : Brett Rutecky

Official Website :

Email marketing is still a preferred form of digital marketing and many people rely on it to market their products. Unfortunately, most third party platforms that offer email services are utterly unreliable. You will absolutely have no control over your business. Not only will the
number of emails you send be minimized but whatever you wish to send could get regulated as well.

Additionally, you might wake up the following morning to an email that your account has been suspended. If you want a reliable email service system that will give you complete control of your business, use the MailIt WordPress plugin.

About the author

MailIt WordPress plugin was developed by Brett Rutecky and his counterpart, Mike from Maine. Both Brett and Mike have used third party platforms like MailChimp and Aweber to send out emails but it never ended well.Their accounts either got suspended or the emails got very low clicks and open
rates. It was until they discovered MailIt WordPress plugin that they were able to run their business with minimal frustrations.

Main function

MailIt WordPress plugin is a self-hosted WordPress plugin that helps business individuals send out emails that will get more clicks and high open rates without having to pay monthly email services fee. This will result in the business saving many hours and thousands of dollars. While
testing the software, Brett was able to make $862.32 in a day in affiliate commissions and bonuses alone.

The problem with relying on 3rd party providers is that a serious mistake from a single individual could result in reduced deliverability
for all the other members. Imagine losing money because of someone else’s unethical actions. It is not right. This explains why multi-user platforms are not recommended for anyone that is running a long-term, profitable business.

How does it work?

Once installed on WordPress, MailIt WordPress plugin can be used to send emails to any subscriber at any time without limitations on the
number of emails you send. You can even send emails with your site or any SMTP service of your choice.

Since there are no monthly payments involved, your business will get better results and make more money in return. Third party platforms
normally charge monthly fees depending on the size of your list.

Who can use it?

MailIt WordPress plugin can be used mainly by email marketers and business owners that heavily relies on emails to get clients for
their products.

What are its pros and cons?


• It’s a simple software that can be set up in a matter of minutes.

• Saves one time by scrapping out bad emails.

• It is user-friendly and has simple-to-follow tutorials.

• Any unsatisfied client can easily unsubscribe without having to go through many hurdles. This hugely protects your send reputation.

• Supports an unlimited number of emails.

• You can know all the essential email stats such as click rate, open rate, bounce rate and spam complaints through a single click.


• Self-hosted email software programs are not easy to implement without assistance.

• An infected program can fail to run.


Many challenges abound third party email service providers. In an effort to maintain a good working condition, many honest business individuals get affected. But with MailIt WordPress plugin, everything lies in your hands as the marketer. This program gives you the power to make your email
marketing endeavor a successful one with little to no disappointments at all.

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