OneSoci 2.0 Review

Product Name : OneSoci 2.0

Author Name : Martin Crumlish

Official Website :

When it comes to online marketing which involves promotion of new products, there is great need to ensure that you have effective tools and platform that can efficiently boost that task. With the consistent dynamic changes in our modern technological environment, it has become quite critical to identify a platform that will ensure that the business is able to ultimately generate significant earnings from the products promoted.

The good news is that with the launch of OneSoci dashboard platform, you can now easily promote, monitor and manage Facebook marketing in the best way possible.

Interestingly, this entire task is performed in one place at the same time thus making it absolutely simple and efficient for your business. OneSoci 2.0 is absolutely an updated version that internet marketers will reap great benefits from it. It is worth trying!

About the author

Apparently, you will discover that the idea of OneSoci 2.0 product was designed by internet guru known as Martin Crumlish. This amazing affiliate marketer has been able to accumulate great experience in internet marketing which has made him to design and come up with different products that have really sold out.

Some of the incredible products that Martin Crumlish has been able to develop include Social Surveys, Social Mobi Videos Pro, DealVid Unlimited, WP Dollar3.0 Developer and Optin Designer Pro. These products have been able to exhibit exceptional performance in the internet marketing. For instance, Social Mobi Deals has highly boosted Coupon and Deal Campaigns both for mobile and Facebook in an instant!

The latest product developed by Martin Crumlish is OneSoci where its version launch was greatly successful. There were amazing positive feedback from the users and some recommendation on improvements to be made.

This has resulted to introduction of OneSoci 2.0 which is highly updated and expected to promote Facebook marketing for the internet marketers in the most efficient way.

Main Function of OneSoci 2.0

With the imminent launch of OneSoci 2.0, the internet marketers and promoters should expect great improvement on how to make sales through marketing on social sites.

OneSoci 2.0 has been designed in a manner that will help you undertake all your Social network marketing campaign in a one-stop platform. Some of the activities supported by OneSoci 2.0 include content searching, in-depth research and consistent managing of different posts in the internet.

Besides, you will get a chance to run live ad campaigns including the use of ads API. This is absolutely a great step of recording earnings by attracting potential users.

Meanwhile, the product is absolutely viable and well functioning after demand features have been added. Actually, it has undergone the entire vetting process by Facebook and received 100% approval thus proving its legitimacy and functionality. You can absolutely rely on this amazing product!

How Does OneSoci 2.0 works

This incredible product has incorporated fantastic features which have highly improved its functionality and operation.
Some of the essential features that you will note in OneSoci 2.0 include the following:

Active Ads reporting

With OneSoci 2.0, you can easily monitor and check the performance of all active Ads and get the essential report on how to make improvements where needed. For instance, you can improve Ads that record low traffic or focus much on high-performing ones.

Social Media Poster

This is an amazing feature in OneSoci 2.0 that allows you as an internet marketer to post different content and share them via social sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. This process is done immediately, automatically or can be scheduled to happen at a future date.

Facebook Ads Approval (for API)

Once you have obtained the OneSoci 2.0 product, you can design and publish directly different Facebook API Ads campaign in order to reach the target market. Besides, you can apply advanced targeting which contains user-friendly features to reach a wide customer base.
Interestingly, you will perform this entire Facebook marketing in only 1 Dashboard!

Content Finder

How about locating different texts, images and videos easily with well chosen keywords? This is exactly what OneSoci 2.0 is offering its users. With proper selection of keywords, you can easily leverage different media and text in your social profile and share them to
target audience.

Social Scheduler

Apparently, this incredible tool allows you to set and create a perfect schedule for all your media accounts and launch different ads at the best stipulated time. This will absolutely give you advantage of making anticipated earnings rather than in the case of contest posting.

Fantastic built-in templates

With the presence of templates in OneSoci 2.0, you can apply them on different posts, ads, texts and cover images in order to improve their overall performance. Attractive templates can absolutely captivate the attention of target customers in Facebook marketing.

Amazing Designers for posts, photos and Ads

When your posts are well-designed, they will indeed appear captivating! OneSoci 2.0 contains an in-build image editor that allows you to design your cover photo for Facebook and for other posts before posting them to different social sites.

Besides, the Cover Photo Preview will ensure that you check its appearance before posting it! Meanwhile, you can also apply different designs on Ads using image editor or Youzign, an external integrated app that supports great cloud storage.

Post Analytics

How will you know the overall performance of your promotion on Facebook marketing? This is through getting a detailed analysis of how the ads are performing. OneSoci 2.0 has integrated post analytics to help you track the performance thus helping you make informed decisions.

OTO1 and OTO2

For the OTO1, you will enjoy features such as new monthly templates, unlimited FB groups and pages, new Page Tab Creator and Developers rights. On the other hand, OTO2 will introduce you to four different contests; One-click Optin Contest, Optin Form Contest, Quiz Type Contest and OneSoci
Contest System that will enhance viral growth and list buiding.

Who Should Use the OneSoci 2.0 product?

Apparently, this fantastic product is meant for internet markets who are promoting their products through affiliate marketing or by using social sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. OneSoci 2.0 contains essential tools to enhance such campaigns and boost great sales for them.

Here are the Pros and Cons that you will discover from OneSoci 2.0:


Significant sales will be generated

Fully vetted and approved by Facebook; absolutely genuine

Easily integrated and shared on social accounts

Perfect tracking and monitoring of performance

Great designs to adopt for posts, ads and cover images


Slight slowdown in performance if not updated

Requires in-depth understanding of internet marketing to effectively use it.


In summary, OneSoci 2.0 is an amazing product designed by Martin Crumlish to provide internet marketers with effective solution on Facebook marketing.

It has proven to be genuine both in functionality and performance thus it is worth recommending. With the amazing features integrated in OneSoci 2.0, the users will absolutely enjoy this package once it has been imminently launched. Go for this product and completely transform your promotion in social platforms!

The Effortless Email Prospecting System Review

Product Name : The Effortless Email Prospecting System

Author Name : Luther Landro

Official Website :

Why You Should Use an Effortless Email Prospecting System

Email is an amazing tool used for business communications and a great way to reach new customers. However, creating a great email in order to find the best leads and getting people to read your messages is not an easy task. Like all marketing techniques, it requires time, testing and a certain
expertise on how long or short the text should be, how many graphics you should include or how to make sure it will be opened. Believe it or not, now technology found a better and effortless solution for this: the email prospecting system.

The effortless email prospecting system is a tool created by a software company which help businesses to deal more efficiently with the email communication. Aiming to make the business communication easier, the system creates a new way of sending effective emails.

Main Functions of the New Effortless Email Prospecting System

Business emails give positive results if you have a list of targeted audiences, if you define concrete commitments and if you respect them. Nevertheless, writing an effective email is never easy. The main function of this system is providing businesses with a more efficient communication tool, which may help them to save time and achieve new customers.

How Does It Work

Most of your customers and prospects are willing to devote time to reading your emails if they meet their expectations and they go straight to the point. Using long tested templates and statistics which describes the receiver behavior in each case, the new tool is able to generate leads in a simple way. The functionality of the effortless email prospecting system allows you to send content that meets the needs of each recipient.

Who Should Use It?

An effortless email prospecting system is the dream of any business owner who tried at least once to find new leads by email. It is a system which is proper for any type of business field. Depending on your business growth strategy, the functions of the effortless email prospecting system may give a response to your company needs or they may open new opportunities you have never taken in consideration.

Pros and Cons

The email prospecting system has several advantages. First of all, it allows you to easily establish regular communication actions and plan your business growth.

It offers a quick, affordable and interactive solution and it enables large-scale spread for your message. It also allows to go directly to meet your customers. Moreover, this kind of system allows you to monitor the important data as incorrect email addresses, positive and negative responses.

There are also some disadvantages. Because sometimes their inbox is full of messages, customers can decide to sort and delete messages without reading them. They can also take messages for spam or ask to be removed from your mailing list.

However, customers say that the most part of replies are thanking for pointing out a problem they didn’t observe and the studies on its efficiency say that the system can guarantee a 50% response from local biz owners.


Email communication is highly appreciated for its simplicity and relatively low cost, but to be effective, the mailing campaign must comply with numerous rules, from the content of the message to the recipient list, through the typography used. If you follow certain rules, writing an effective email can help you a lot to maintain a positive relationship with your customers.

Anthony Aires’ Blog Bucks Blueprint Review

Product Name : Anthony Aires’ Blog Bucks Blueprint

Author Name : Anthony Aires

Official Website :

Most people start blogs as hobbies or just plainly to share something they believe may be valuable to other people. Others start them to generate some cash without even snippets of caution on what they are sharing or posting.

This makes their blogs look spammy and could eventually lose a following. If you are serious about making money online through blogs, then you need to read and apply the ideas in Blogging for Bucks blueprint.

About the author

Blogging for Bucks was authored by Anthony Aires, a long time online marketer. Since 2002, Anthony has been using the internet to generate leads, get new clients and make money in return. He has used all manner of traffics and videos to grow his business, and that makes him a reliable source of online money making techniques.

Main function

Blogging for Bucks’ main function is help bloggers, both new and experienced earn lots of cash through their blogs. Not many people out there have the slightest clue on how they can cash in from their blogs without jeopardizing their integrity. This means there are only a handful of people in
our midst who can be considered elite bloggers. If you wish to join this crew, Blogging for Bucks is the ticket you need.

This blueprint is a straightforward formula that anybody can apply. For only 31 days, you will be a distinguished blogger. Well, if you have
already been blogging, then this guide will make you a King Kong blogger.

Many people have tried to earn money through their blogs without succeeding. Some of the reasons why they failed include:

– The niches they serve aren’t hungry enough- you may like a certain topic but if there are a few followers, you are doomed to hit the rock-bottom.

– The market they blog in has limited products- if you decide to sell, say German Shepherd food, then you’ll not get plenty of profits.

– They never monetize their blogs.

– They receive an insignificant number of visitors.

How does it work?

Blogging for Bucks is divided into tiny bits that you can learn each day for 31 days. Once you are done, you will be ready to get paid sharing or writing about your hobbies and interests. Who said you couldn’t be paid doing what you like? With this blueprint, you will learn how you can blast
into cash flow through the following 7 ways.

– Promoting affiliate offers.

– How to locate a hot niche.

– How to put yourself out there as an expert in providing good content.

– How to get publicity opportunities

– How to generate money with Adsense

– How to use CPA offers.

– How to promote other products through high quality articles.

– How to create and market you own products.

– How you can write “how to” or “tips” articles.

– How you can run and manage your blog by following a consistent schedule and much more.

Who can use it?

Blogging for Bucks can serve any individual with a blog. If you are an affiliate marketer, a businessperson, a model, or just an ordinary
person that wishes to make money through his/her blog, this guide is for you.

What are its pros and cons?


• You don’t need any experience

• No technical skills required

• It’s a stepwise guide that all spanking newbies can easily follow.

• You learn how to find the hot-selling products.

• Exhaust many areas unlike most online money making guides.


• The training course is broken into bits that are supposed to last up to 31 days. This is a pretty long time for some people.


Very many people own blogs but they have never earned anything from it. Blogging for Bucks unveils the potential that lies in blogs. This 62-page guide goes deeper in explaining to you all that need to be done to make your blog a cash cow. If you think it’s time you earned from sharing your
hobbies, you better grab yourself a copy while you still can.

MailIt WordPress plugin Review

Product Name : MailIt WordPress plugin

Author Name : Brett Rutecky

Official Website :

Email marketing is still a preferred form of digital marketing and many people rely on it to market their products. Unfortunately, most third party platforms that offer email services are utterly unreliable. You will absolutely have no control over your business. Not only will the
number of emails you send be minimized but whatever you wish to send could get regulated as well.

Additionally, you might wake up the following morning to an email that your account has been suspended. If you want a reliable email service system that will give you complete control of your business, use the MailIt WordPress plugin.

About the author

MailIt WordPress plugin was developed by Brett Rutecky and his counterpart, Mike from Maine. Both Brett and Mike have used third party platforms like MailChimp and Aweber to send out emails but it never ended well.Their accounts either got suspended or the emails got very low clicks and open
rates. It was until they discovered MailIt WordPress plugin that they were able to run their business with minimal frustrations.

Main function

MailIt WordPress plugin is a self-hosted WordPress plugin that helps business individuals send out emails that will get more clicks and high open rates without having to pay monthly email services fee. This will result in the business saving many hours and thousands of dollars. While
testing the software, Brett was able to make $862.32 in a day in affiliate commissions and bonuses alone.

The problem with relying on 3rd party providers is that a serious mistake from a single individual could result in reduced deliverability
for all the other members. Imagine losing money because of someone else’s unethical actions. It is not right. This explains why multi-user platforms are not recommended for anyone that is running a long-term, profitable business.

How does it work?

Once installed on WordPress, MailIt WordPress plugin can be used to send emails to any subscriber at any time without limitations on the
number of emails you send. You can even send emails with your site or any SMTP service of your choice.

Since there are no monthly payments involved, your business will get better results and make more money in return. Third party platforms
normally charge monthly fees depending on the size of your list.

Who can use it?

MailIt WordPress plugin can be used mainly by email marketers and business owners that heavily relies on emails to get clients for
their products.

What are its pros and cons?


• It’s a simple software that can be set up in a matter of minutes.

• Saves one time by scrapping out bad emails.

• It is user-friendly and has simple-to-follow tutorials.

• Any unsatisfied client can easily unsubscribe without having to go through many hurdles. This hugely protects your send reputation.

• Supports an unlimited number of emails.

• You can know all the essential email stats such as click rate, open rate, bounce rate and spam complaints through a single click.


• Self-hosted email software programs are not easy to implement without assistance.

• An infected program can fail to run.


Many challenges abound third party email service providers. In an effort to maintain a good working condition, many honest business individuals get affected. But with MailIt WordPress plugin, everything lies in your hands as the marketer. This program gives you the power to make your email
marketing endeavor a successful one with little to no disappointments at all.

Kick-Ass Toons Review

Product Name : Kick-Ass Toons

Author Name : Lucas Adamski

Official Website :

Hardly does a day end without a majority of us visiting video platforms to watch a clip. Videos have a high chance of engaging an individual than a plain text stuff. Most websites that use high-quality animated videos to market their products drive in huge returns due to low bounce rates and a high rate of client engagement. However, we’ve got to admit that most video producing programs available are either costly or produce low-quality animated videos. If you want to increase your viewers’ engagement and give your competitors a hard time catching up with you, you better try creating your animated videos with Kick-Ass Toons.

About the author

Kick-Ass Toons was developed by Angel Corman, Tere Poveda, and Lucas Adamski. Both are expert software developers and online video marketers. Corman and his counterparts noted that many video marketers have a problem creating high-quality videos. Some could not afford the expensive video
creating programs or professional fees required out there. They decided to develop Kick-Ass Toons as an advanced and pocket-friendly program that video marketers can use to up their game.

Main function

Kick-Ass Toons is a software that helps video marketers create high-quality video animations that can lead to more conversions and sales. Videos created by this software can convert cold viewers to long time clients and raving fans. You will no longer need to pay out hundreds of dollars to professionals to get videos created for you.

Much of what you’ve heard about the use of videos is true…

• Over a hundred million people watch internet videos daily.

• Videos are 7 times more effective than plain texts.

• The brain interprets video information faster than plain text.

• Seven out of ten marketers agree that videos convert way better than other mediums.

• Over 60% of buyers are more likely to purchase a product after watching a video than reading a text.

All these advantages have made many marketers jump onboard the video marketing train. Basically, what this means is that those with powerful video creators like Kick-Ass Toons have the leverage to get more conversions than their fellow marketers.

How does it work?

Kick-Ass Toons is made up of many characters, animations and other features that you can use to create high-quality animation videos. The formats supported includes .MOV, .FLV, .SWF, .GIF, and .PNG. In a nutshell, Kick-ass is made up of the following:

• 11 characters

• Three types of shots (full, medium and close-up shot).

• Over 150 unique animations.

• Over 450 footage clips

• Transparent Backgrounds

• And 1920 X 1080 FULL HD.

The many clip footage in this software allows you to market virtually any business from law firms, gardening services, house boys and girls
and even electrical services. Basically, all businesses can have video animations created for them.

Who can use it?

Kick-Ass Toons can be used mainly by video marketers and a few other individuals with a demand for high-quality video clips.

What are its pros and cons?


• It is compatible with the major popular video software programs such as Sony, EasySketch, GoAnimate, etc.

• Makes your videos stand out from the rest in terms of quality and conversion rates.

• It’s an easy drag and drop program that needs zero animation skills.

• Online supports is provided.

• You can create videos in many different formats.


• the software serves the needs of video marketers only.


If you want to create fun and engaging animated videos that will guarantee overwhelming conversions and sales, Kick-Ass Toons is the best
software to use. By simply clicking and pasting, dragging and dropping, you can create the best quality videos that will put you ahead of your competitors in amassing profits.

Arbitrage Sugardaddy Review

Product Name : Arbitrage Sugardaddy

Author Name : Tom E

Official Website :

If you have been doing arbitrage marketing before, you know it has a fair share of challenges that can cripple any marketer’s business
deals and connections. Basically, in arbitrage, you get some work from a client and firm it out to another individual, get it done and pay a little from what your client pays you. Since the challenges inherent in this marketing niche can freeze anyone’s source of money, Arbitrage Sugardaddy has just found a way to save you all the troubles that abound arbitrage marketing.

About the author

Tom E authored arbitrage Sugardaddy with help from Stephen Gilbert. Tom has been selling arbitrage products and teaching about them for several years now. In this guide, Tom intends to help online marketers and other individuals succeed at making money online without having to firm out
their task and hence, keep all the profits.

Main function

Arbitrage Sugardaddy is a lesser known arbitrage opportunity where one can earn income easily and ethically working for about 15 minutes. The income derived can gross up to $214 a day, quite enough to help you go by comfortably. With this approach, most of the jobs that you would have
outsourced are done by you; hence you get to keep all the profits.

Arbitrage Sugardaddy has already been tried and tested by many people and it’s been found to be 100% effective. You don’t need a website,
traffic and even ranking to make profits.

How does it work?

Arbitrage Sugardaddy trains an individual the skills that he can use to sustain their financial lives. The skills you learn will enable you
to do a job yourself and keep all the money. The four core skills taught are Flyer and Poster designing, Instagram marketing, Facebook marketing and how to make eBook covers. It is composed of easy and stepwise tutorial videos that any individual can follow.

With Arbitrage Sugardaddy, you will not incur any other cent to learn the four core skills above. Most of the tools you’ll be using to design eBook covers and FB fan page cover photos are completely free of charge.

Who can use it?

This guide can be used by any individual that wants to learn more about graphic design, Facebook, and Instagram marketing.

What are its pros and cons?


• It’s a simple stepwise method that anybody can grasp.

• You spend less time delivering your service and earn more.

• You don’t need traffic, ranking or even paid ads to succeed.

• Offers customer support so that you are not left on your own.

• You get free access to the training and membership site.

• Teaches vital graphic skills that are hugely in demand.


• It talks less about arbitrage marketing- which actually entails farming out jobs to others.


Arbitrage Sugardaddy is a product worth buying. Even if you are not interested in delving deep into Facebook and Instagram marketing, this guide can teach you graphic skills, which honestly are very much in demand. Besides, the guide is pretty much low priced considering all the skills one
will learn. It also shows you some of the places you can market your newly acquired skills.

Smart Ads Builder Review

Product Name : Smart Ads Builder

Author Name : Jai Sharma

Official Website :

Great campaigns begin with great Ads. Well-crafted ads are apples that many people won’t resist the charm of plucking them off. However,
creating vibrant and attractive Ads that bring in significant sales is not simple. Very many marketers either flop at this or take a very long time to create an average quality ad. Such ads will likely drive away prospective clients. If you are tired of creating substandard Ads and you need something that is better, then you need Smart Ads Builder.

Who developed it?

Was developed by Jai Sharma et al. both software developers and online marketers. They came up with this software to help marketers and traffic seekers create profitable Ad campaigns and find targeted leads in about 5 minutes.

What is its main function?

Smart Ads Builder is a software that helps website owners, online marketers and traffic seekers get professionally created Fb ad campaigns in a short time frame. Such ads lead to increased targeted audience and sales.

Some of the features in Smart Ads Builder include:

– Unlimited Facebook campaign builder.

– Real time 20% image/text checker.

– In-built high-tech image editor.

– Over 1000 attractive headline and Ads templates in different niches.

– Complete stepwise video training and tutorials.

– Numerous royalty free stickers, images, backgrounds, etc.

How does it work?

There are many templates in Smart Ads Builder that you can use to create professional Facebook Ad campaigns. The steps involved are
highlighted below.

Step one

Pick (click) any of the templates in Smart Ads Builder in the niche of your interest and gently edit the headline, text, and images until
it becomes what you want.

Step two

Search for your preferred keyword in Interest and Scope, then copy or download it to be used in ads campaign.

Step three

Launch your campaign using live editor by exporting the campaign to your Facebook page.

There are very fewer chances of failure with Smart Ads Builder since it uses high converting Ad templates and each of the Ad campaigns
have an allocated targeted audience to ensure they yield a good ROI. You no longer need to scour through Google pages or read various courses trying to learn how to create profitable Facebook Ad campaigns.

Who can use it?

Smart Ads Builder serves the needs of website owners, online marketers and traffic seekers who want some practical tips on how they can
create profitable Ad campaigns.

What are its pros and cons?


• It is efficient and simple to use.

• It is newbie-friendly.

• It is compatible with both Mac and Windows.

• Saves one a lot of money that could have been used to design Ads.

• Creates ad campaigns in a matter of minutes thereby saving a lot of time that can be used to do other important things.


• Cloud-based softwares may be challenging to operate.

• Jammed up softwares won’t run well.


It’s not an easier task creating professional Ad campaigns. Those who get their ads designed by professionals normally shell out a lot of
money. Smart Ads Builder is the world’s powerful software that makes ad building simple and less time consuming. Since the ad campaigns created are
high-converting, this is a tool that can guarantee any marketer huge sales and leads.