A Comprehensive Review of Effortless Google News Formula

Let’s face it; getting your content to be ranked high in Google is becoming harder in the recent days.

Tradition methods for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) like article marketing, link building, and blog networks are slowly becoming obsolete.

Moreover, you risk your site from being penalized by Google. Google have been making some significant changes.

It have been including fewer videos in their such results and some traffic like Penguin and Panda have been cut by half as a result of their updates.

As a result, hundreds if not thousands of business are now not able to generate local traffic from Google’s results.

Here comes the good news, there is still a way you can be able to enhance your site and generate more traffic.

Do you want a quick and easy way to get your article on the fast page of Google and generate traffic to your blog or website?

The Effortless Google News Formula is here to your rescue.


What is Effortless Google News Formula?

It is a manual that provides you with step by step instructions on how to get your site or blog get approved for Google News guaranteed.

What Features Do Effortless Google News Formula Contains?

  1. How You Can Use Niche News Sites to Build List of Emails and Earn Money Without Necessarily having to use Affiliate Marketing 

Learn which affiliate and CPA programs pay out the most from sales and leads as well as which niches earn the most money in Google news.

  1. Free Copy of Google News Keyword Meta Tag Creator

You can use this product to get WordPress plugin to be able to generate News Meta tags’. These tags will inform Google which keywords you would like your content to rank in their news results.

This will enable you to push your content all the way to the first page as a result of the keyword you choose.

  1. Free Download Of The Google News Sitemap Software

The WordPress plugin will create and automatically, update and submit a sitemap for Google news on your site.

The fact that bloggers fail to have a separate news sitemap is the reason why they do not get approved for Google News.

This free plugin takes care of everything, so you do not have to worry about the technical requirements in Google News program.

  1. How You Can Earn Recurring and Passive Income From Google News Site

If you are in the right niche, having a Google News site is more of owning your own personal ATM.

Other professionals and local lawyers pay a lot of money for press releases. With a site approved by Google News, you can post multiple press releases daily, charging up to $500 per article in the right niches.

  1. Click by Click Instructions That Will Have you Set up with your Own Google News Site from Scratch in Less than 40 Minutes

Once Google has approved your site, every article that you will be posting on your news site will be appearing on Google’s front page just minutes after posting it. This will give you the power of generating flood traffic on demand.

  1. How You Can Sell Sites Approved by Google News on Flippa for Thousands of Dollars

Sites that have been approved by Google News are currently on a very high demand on Flippa and you can sell them for thousands of dollars.

You will be able to create as many as you want once you learn how to rank these sites on demand.

You can imagine if you only earned $1000 from each Google News site you created, how many will you be able to create in the next month? Next year? Or for a decade to come?

  1. How you can Use Google “first click free program” to Earn Passive Income with Your Membership Site

If you are willing to give Google a few pages of free content, it will help you advertise your membership site for free.

This system is widely used by New York Times and other paid news outlets so that they can build their membership at no cost.

  1. Learn The Number One Lead Source For Professional Business Owners Who are Willing to Pay High For Their Own Google News Sites

Professional services like financial planners, lawyers and accountants stand to make from a single customer generated from a single News post.

This product will give you the number one lead source on how you can find these business owners, and all the relevant sales material you would require to close the deal.

With Effortless Google News Formula all these will be a dream come true. You can be able to scale the strategies below into multiple niches both offline and online:

  • – SEO news and marketing sites to sell consulting and coaching
  • – Health and Fitness sites to ClickBank products and sell supplements
  • – Local Businesses sites to generate leads so that you can sell them to lawyers, real estate professionals, insurance brokers, contractors and more.
  • – Niche hobby news like photography, radio, skateboarding and sailing that sells costly products through Amazon affiliate program earning big commissions.

Disadvantages of Effortless Google News Formula

As much as Effortless Google News Formula is a great product and has some amazing features, it does not go with some few disadvantages. Among them include

  • Price

You will have to spend at least $27 for you to own this awesome software.

  • Might be a bit Complicated to Use 

For those users who are not well conversant with the product, it might be a bit complicated to use and it will take some time before they are well conversant with it.

Bottom Line

There you have it; Effortless Google News Formula is with no doubt a must have product. Traffic is one of the biggest barrier marketers’ faces in their effort to earn money online.

Having your site approved by Google News, traffic will be effortless. This will allow you to focus more on building an email list, earning money from consulting clients or selling affiliate products.

Every post or blog that you will post will have its way to the top page of the Google News within some few minutes.

This will not only allow you to generate more traffic but will also enhance your business online. Get Effortless Google News Formula and you will have all these happen

Effortless Google News Formula Bonus

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Eternal Scale System Review – Step-by-step system to scale your eCom products to 10,000+ units.

Are you trying to learn how to market your products? Are wondering what you are doing wrong? Well, this is your chance to start making money.

Make enough money that you can use to finance your needs and the needs of your family.

All you have to do is get the Eternal Scale System. In this review, I will share with you what this marketing tool will do for you.

This tool will mark the end of your waiting. This tool uses special market analysis techniques to drive converting traffic to your site. All you need is a product or service to sell, a website and the Eternal Scale System.

It is these three items that stand between prosperity and obscurity for your business.

Connect with the right audience

Many marketing techniques and tools often fail because they target the wrong market.

Even from your personal experience, you know that getting adverts of products you have no use for is annoying.

We do not want to annoy our audience, which is why we will be using Eternal Scale System, to target potential buyers only.

The people who are looking to buy our products, people in the mood to buy, and my personal favorite group; people who have money to spend and looking for something worthy to spend on.

These are the people who for example are looking for gifts. They could be gifts for themselves or their loved ones.

High-speed connections

In social sites, people have limited time to see all the wonderful stuff people are offering as well as the boring stuff.

What you need to do is make sure your product or services stand out. Otherwise, people are going to scroll away fast, looking for interesting stuff.

How do you do that? The Eternal Scale System will show you exactly how, and do it for you. It is amazing how automation can make your marketing efforts equal those of big companies with an army of salespeople.

Money working for you

Our product will make this a reality for you. In the past you had people, or yourself working hard, trying to find the right keywords, staying up all night analyzing content, trying to figure out what is the next big thing.

The Eternal Scale System will do all that for you now. It does not cost a fortune though it should.

However, for now, you will get it for not even $100 or $60, but for only $47. Yes, that is right. For $47, you will start making hundreds of dollars every day.

Make money Every Second

The world is no longer made of seven big islands whose populations work at different times and connect only by telephone, at certain hours of convenience.

No, the world now works every second. The Eternal Scale System will make sure you do too.

You will no longer be asleep, your worker, the Eternal Scale System, will be working for you 60 seconds per minute, 60 minutes per hour, 24 hours per day, 365 and 1/4 days per year.

You also will not be working hard. The Eternal Scale System is a smart worker; it targets the right people and alerts them of the right products.

It also predicts the possible market expectations in the future and readies you for them.

Profit from selling High-Value Products

There is nothing as wonderful as resting, and then every second an email alert of newly earned money comes in.

You see maybe a $4 alert, then $7, then $3, etc. But you know what is amazing? Yeah, you are right.

It’s seeing alerts of $67, $82, $57, $74, etc. Those kinds of alerts mean not just that your work is in progress, but it is valuable work.

That is the kind of work the Eternal Scale System will be doing for you. That kind of work happens only if you are selling high-value products or services. It is the kind of work that is truly rewarding.

Dynamic and powerful

This tool is not cast in stone, it’s dynamic. If you happen to know or have a stroke of genius before it does, you will be free to implement it in the Eternal Scale System.

You can add new product or services to sell anytime you want. If you have a new product that you know for sure users will find useful, this tool will help you create ads that convert.

How? By creating short and convincing ads, and targeting the right niche market. This tool offers you the most dynamic and powerful ad campaign you will never find anywhere else.

Global Target

Different parts of the world have different products and services that are selling hot right now and every second in the future.

But just like a storm, it all starts somewhere in the global market. Before long, people in a particular market find themselves wanting to try that product or service.

The Eternal Scale System ensures when that happens, you are there to sell it. It finds out exactly what is in demand, where it is in demand and sells it.

It is quite simple, right? Well, not quite, this technique is only a preserve of the few successful marketers who know the right marketing techniques.

And of course, those who just happen to be lucky in their marketing campaigns once in a while. I don’t want you to be lucky.

I want you to know what to do and when to do it. That is why am sharing with you what the Eternal Scale System can do for you.


You now know what you stand to gain by spending $47. The $47 could be a lot of money for many of us.

It was for me when I was starting my marketing campaigns before I came up with this tool.

However, think of the work that will go to waste every time you use the wrong strategy. Think of how valuable your time is. Is it $10 an hour, $25, $30 or %50 an hour?

Then make a choice based on that. The Eternal Scale System will save you hundreds of wasted hours per year and reward you with profits as well.

This will be your first and last important step to financial freedom.


Eternal Scale System Bonus

Bonus #1: Affiliate Marketing A to Z ($27 Value)
Step by Step training on what is affiliate marketing, what to expect from it. Ways to boost affiliate commissions. Mistakes to avoid, etc.

Bonus #2: Affiliate Marketing For Beginners ($37 Value)
Affiliate Marketing for Beginners Takes the Mystery Out Of Affiliate Marketing For You! Are you ready to learn the ins and outs of affiliate marketing? Learn proven and effective methods that you can use to start and build your own affiliate marketing business right from the comfort of your own home!

Bonus #3: Affiliate Marketing Minisite Package ($47 Value)
Professional Minisite Template with PLR eBook & Report. PSD Files Are also included!

Bonus #4: Brandable Report Creation for Newbies ($47 Value)
The Right Software Tools. How to add Re-brandable tags to your report. Convert the report into a correct PDF format. Making the Tagged PDF Report Brandable Ready for Distribution. Viral Marketing. Video for Report Receivers

Bonus #5: Build Your Own Cash Pipeline ($37 Value)
Build Your Own Cash Pipeline includes: Residual/Recurring Income Explained. Network Marketing Reviewed! Choosing a Network Marketing Company! Network Marketer’s Survival Guide! Secrets of the ‘Heavy Hitters’! About Affiliate Marketing!

Bonus #6: CPA Blogger ($97 Value)
This beautiful “CPA” niche blog package will make an excellent addition to your AdSense and affiliate marketing portfolio whether you are a beginner or an advanced user. Easy installation guide, Custom admin panel, 40+ Pre-posted articles, PLR articles, its own logo.

Bonus #7: Fishing Blog ($97 Value)
This beautiful “Fishing” niche blog package will make an excellent addition to your AdSense and affiliate marketing portfolio whether you are a beginner or an advanced user. Easy installation guide, Custom admin panel, 40+ Pre-posted articles, PLR articles, its own logo.

Bonus #8: Forum Marketing Secrets ($37 Value)
Step by Step training on what is forum marketing, why it is effective, Steps to Successful Forum Marketing, Forum Based Market Places, Making Your Offer in a Forum Based Marketplace, How Can You Leverage Your Business with a Forum Based Market Place Offer and a lot more high quality content.

Bonus #9: Internet Marketing Blog ($97 Value)
This beautiful “Internet Marketing” niche blog package will make an excellent addition to your AdSense and affiliate marketing portfolio whether you are a beginner or an advanced user. Easy installation guide, Custom admin panel, 40+ Pre-posted articles, PLR articles, its own logo.

Bonus #10: Introduction to Niche Marketing ($47 Value)
Brand-New Private Label Ecourse Lets You Easily Teach Your Customers and Subscribers The Basics of Using Niche Marketing To Promote Their Own Business, Products and Services!

Bonus #11: Marketing Simplified ($97 Value)
16 unrestricted reports with private label rights targeting several internet marketing topics (PSD graphics included).

Bonus #12: Premium Niche 8 Pack ($127 Value)
Get Your Fully Loaded 8 Premium Blogs Plus 8 Stunning Minisite Designs Plus Content Packs! Great for internet business and internet marketing! Includes Blogs & Sites For: Blogging Income, Email Cash System, Get Your Ex Back, Organic Gardening, Social Profits, Online Money Plan, Affiliate Profits, & Traffic Supercharge.

Bonus #13: Rogue ClickBank Profits Plugin ($37 Value)
This WordPress Plugin Will Practically FORCE Visitors to Buy through YOUR ClickBank Affiliate Link…The perfect plugin to use on Google “Sniper” sites or ClickBank product review blogs.

Bonus #14: The Affiliate Marketing Formula ($67 Value)
How A 23-Year-Old University Student Cracked The Simple Formula That Allowed Him To Quit His Job And Build A $1000 Per Day Business Within Only A Few Months!

Bonus #15: Ultimate IM Starter Guide ($27 Value)
Inside “Ultimate Internet Marketing Starter Guide” you will learn all about: Understanding blogs, Internet marketing websites, Areas of internet marketing, Internet marketing skills, SEO and traffic generation and a lot of other related topics

Bonus #16: Website Content Fire ($67 Value)
Quickly and easily generate content-rich websites that will draw both prospects’ and search engines’ attention! Use your new content sites to generate AdSense and affiliate commissions! Receive more frequent ranking by search engines that give preference to sites that have fresh content! And much, much more!

Bonus #17: 5 Squeeze Pages ($47 Value)
5 brand new Squeeze pages that come with Private Label Rights: 10 Fully Coded, Valid HTML5/CSS3 .html + CSS Files. Easily Edit Video and Autoresponder Code. Exponentially Increase Your Optin Rates. Highlight Your Product Covers and Videos. Comes with Full PLR, Re-Sell for 100% Profit!

Bonus #18: 7 Days to PLR Profits ($27 Value)
Most Internet marketing experts will tell you that the quickest and best way to make money online is to sell unique products that can’t be found anywhere else on the net. If you think that’ll require months or even weeks of work, then you couldn’t be more wrong. Let me show you how why!

Bonus #19: Instant PLR Author ($27 Value)
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Bonus #20: Monster PLR Articles Package ($47 Value)
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Bonus #21: PLR Arbitrage ($37 Value)
Amazing, never before released PLR profits secrets that literally pulls PLR content off your hard-drive and turns them to pure, near instant gold. PLR Makeover secrets and how to turn almost any PLR content into massive residual income pulling as high as $100 – $500 daily using a simple, time tested strategy!

Bonus #22: PLR Minisite Design ($47 Value)
Highly attractive Minisite design with complete PLR. Includes all PSD files!

Bonus #23: PLR Minisite Template ($47 Value)
Highly attractive Minisite design with complete PLR. Includes all PSD files!

Bonus #24: PLR Music 1 ($37 Value)
20 Background Music with full PLR!

Bonus #25: PLR Music 2 ($37 Value)
20 Background Music with full PLR!

Bonus #26: PLR Profit Tactics ($37 Value)
Ready to Take On the Internet Marketing Scene in a Whole NEW Fashion? ESTABLISH And EXPAND Your Online Empire And Dominate Your Competitors – Using Private Label Content!

Bonus #27: PLR Tweets ($37 Value)
You Can Harness The Power Of Twitter And Instant Commissions … Unrestricted Private Label Rights To Amazing Tweet Sets That Can Earn You Instant Commissions To Your PayPal!

Bonus #28: PLR WordPress Themes ($97 Value)
Set of 50 Unrestricted PLR WordPress Themes. You can use these themes for almost any purpose!

Bonus #29: The PLR Rockstar ($77 Value)
This 10 part, step by step video course shows you a simple (yet extremely powerful) method of creating profitable digital information products from other people’s work, using private label rights – FAST!

Bonus #30: Understanding Private Label Content ($47 Value)
It starts at the very beginning by explaining what private label (PLR) content is and how it can be used to their advantage. It shows them how they can use it to build links to their websites, create new products, attract more customers and increase their profits at the same time!

Bonus #31: iPhone iPad App Cash ($67 Value)
Discover how a single application could generate $1000′s of dollars, instantly! The simple, low cost system for outsourcing app development to freelancers! How to quickly evaluate applications so you can create a high profit one of your very own!

Bonus #32: Create Mobile Site Quick ($47 Value)
PLR Set of Videos on how to create mobile friendly websites using Google Sites!

Bonus #33: Display Mobile Websites on PC ($27 Value)
PLR Video On How To Display Mobile Websites Properly On Your Computer!

Bonus #34: Expert Offline Informer ($37 Value)
“Expert Offline Informer” provides Internet marketers with the tools they can immediately use to target online and offline clients. Included in this package are five reports which are professionally written and come with full private label rights so you can personalize them and claim authorship!

Bonus #35: Mobango ($27 Value)
Mobango is the first Universal Mobile Community that allows cell phone users to publish, convert, and share with friends all kinds of user generated content. Dominate Mobango with this Exclusive Video Training!

Bonus #36: Mobile Marketing Made Easy ($47 Value)
Discover How You Can take Full Advantage of everything That Mobile Marketing Has to Offer! The Mobile Marketing Made Easy Newsletter will provide you with proven, effective information, tips and advice that will help you identify the different aspects of Mobile Marketing!

Bonus #37: Mobile Phones Niche Blog ($97 Value)
This blog comes with a premium plugin that will allow you to easily install the whole blog package in practically less than five minutes. No more trouble installing WordPress, messing with SQL files, myPhPAdmin, and messing with codes!

Bonus #38: Online Video ($27 Value)
Here’s a sample of what you’ll learn inside: What are the important trends in video? Which video format will dominate? Do you need to hire professional? What kind of equipment do you need? And much more.

Bonus #39: Your Business Mobile Computing ($37 Value)
The “Facebook Business Basics” course was specifically designed to show even absolute beginners how Facebook can be used to reach more potential customers, build your brand and increase profits!

Bonus #40: Dominate Social Marketing ($47 Value)
With instant access to your target audience, and the ability to keep a steady pulse on what our market is currently interested in, it has never been easier to connect with potential buyers and long-term customers!

Bonus #41: Social Cash Secrets ($47 Value)
This report reveals the top social networking websites where you can build an online presence quickly and easily while subsequently tapping into some of the most profitable niche markets online!

Bonus #42: Social Marketing Tips ($47 Value)
The “Social Marketing Tips” series was specifically designed with beginners in mind, even if you’ve never heard of social marketing before or used it to promote your business!

Bonus #43: 120 Social Media Tips ($27 Value)
This eBook will give you 120 social media profile concepts. You’ll have all kinds of ideas for different information to add to your social networking web page profiles!

Bonus #44: Offline Social Gold ($27 Value)
Cash In From The Offline Social Media Niche, And Generate $5000 A Month Easily With My Social Gold Blueprint Facebook Strategy!

Bonus #45: What is the Next Social Network ($37 Value)
“What is the next social network” is a guide to learn why it will most likely be the future of social network marketing, what this new social network site is all about, and how it differs from the social networks of today!

Bonus #46: Christmas Facebook Fanpage Templates ($37 Value)
Grab These 10 Christmas Facebook Fanpage Templates At Dimesales Price! … Be Quick! Christmas is around the corner and you need to decorate your Fanpage to make your fans feel the holiday spirit!

Bonus #47: Facebook Business Basics ($37 Value)
The “Facebook Business Basics” course was specifically designed to show even absolute beginners how Facebook can be used to reach more potential customers, build your brand and increase profits!

Bonus #48: Facebook Fan Page Templates ($37 Value)
8 Professionally designed Facebook Fan Page Templates that can easily be edited in minutes to fit any Niche! Step by Step Video Instruction Tutorials Included As Well!

Bonus #49: Facebook Fanpage Warchest ($37 Value)
7 Unique Custom Designed Fanpage Templates – With 8 Bonus Fanpage Templates!

Bonus #50: Facebook Marketing Secrets ($47 Value)
Quick start guide to setting up powerful Facebook advertisements that drive in unstoppable traffic from your niche market! Set a maximum daily bid so that you can maximize your exposure, while minimizing cost!

Bonus #51: Facebook Review App ($47 Value)
You get the source code with this App plus 7 videos. Can be installed as is or tweaked to improve functionality!

Bonus #52: Facebooking Craze for Internet Marketers ($27 Value)
‘FaceBooking’ can boost your business in the relationship area and connect to your customers and potential partners on a personal level!

Bonus #53: Fan Page Ad Secrets ($57 Value)
FINALLY I have decided to take the plunge and bring you this course where I show you just how POWERFUL my methods are in getting cheap traffic to your Facebook pages for just PENNIES!

Bonus #54: Beginners Guide Pinterest ($37 Value)
This eBook will teach you on what the social media is all about. It will guide you on how you should start using the application and get the most benefit out of it!

Bonus #55: 10.000 YouTube Views in a Week ($37 Value)
This eBook will show you 14 surefire ways to explode your views and subscriber count in a short time!

Bonus #56: PLR Video Profits ($47 Value)
With this series you will receive 5 preformatted email lessons that have quick and easy to understand information that you and your subscribers can start using to immediately impact your business!

Bonus #57: SEO Video Warrior ($97 Value)
I’m going to show you why video marketing is the only skill you’ll ever need, if you want to make money online in the fastest, easiest and most efficient way!

Bonus #58: Video Marketing Secrets ($47 Value)
Skyrocket your income faster and easier than ANY other form of marketing. Create high quality videos that will motivate your viewers into taking action. Optimize your videos in under 14 minutes, so you can instantly triple your exposure!

Bonus #59: YouTube Marketing Primer ($37 Value)
We’ll show you how to develop a winning video strategy to get views, how to film effective videos quickly, and how to convert those views to leads and sales!

Bonus #60: Free Backlinks Bonanza ($27 Value)
Here’s what you can learn inside this report: Getting your site indexed (and your first backlinks too!), Sending your feed to RSS directories. Free social bookmarking submissions, free article distribution, Get some web 2.0 love, High quality blog network for free!

Bonus #61: Insider’s Guide to Outsourcing Your Link Building ($27 Value)
Never Build A Single Backlink Yourself Ever Again! I Will Show You How To Save A TON Of Time And A TON Of Money On Link Building… Get All The Links You Want For Dirt Cheap!

Bonus #62: Search Engine Manifesto ($27 Value)
Search Engine Manifesto offers you an edge and thorough understanding in how you can make full use of Search Engines in your favor simply by making minimal changes to your web pages and optimizing your keywords!

Bonus #63: Search Engine Optimization ($37 Value)
Learn how to decide which the best keywords are. This book teaches you how to get the best keywords for your site and how to use them in your text, video and pictures to make the most of your site. Learn how to use different SEO marketing strategies!

Bonus #64: SEO Basics ($27 Value)
Although there are a variety of ways to get your website found, this report focuses on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Through effective SEO tactics, you can improve your search engine rankings for important terms, gain more traffic and do more business!

Bonus #65: SEO for Dummies ($27 Value)
The Importance of Search Engines, What Are Meta Tags? Which Meta Tags Should You Use? Meta Tags Example and Optimization, How to Build Backlinks, Tips to Get Repeat Web Traffic. Recommended SEO Tools!

Bonus #66: SEO Templates ($37 Value)
“SEO Templates” (with Private label rights) comes with HTML template and WordPress theme!

Bonus #67: Understanding Backlinks ($47 Value)
It is simple, straight forward information that will help them even if they’ve never heard of backlinks before. It will teach them how to get started and quickly harness the power of building backlinks for themselves!

Bonus #68: Google Plus Basics ($47 Value)
You will be getting over 4,000 words of high quality content that will help hook your readers, branding yourself as the expert and authority when it comes to the subject of getting the most of Google Plus. Everything has been done for you!

Bonus #69: Google Plus Quick start ($37 Value)
Considered the easiest and simplest Google+ Training Report so you may understand the basics right away. You or your customers will dominate the basics like what is Google+, getting started, customization account, creating circles, etc!

Bonus #70: Uncovering Google Plus ($37 Value)
Second report would be a great low-cost product to get buyers into your sales funnel and to upsell them on the main report. Would be a great OTO that could make you some cash!

Bonus #71: LinkedIn for Business ($47 Value)
With this series you will receive 5 preformatted email lessons that have quick and easy to understand information that you and your subscribers can start using to immediately impact your business!

Bonus #72: Instant Cash Tweets ($37 Value)
Pre-written messages especially designed for use on Twitter. These Instant Cash Tweets are written specifically to generate interest in targeted affiliate products that will pay you commissions on each sale!

Bonus #73: The Twitter Blueprint ($37 Value)
Shortcut Straight To The Twitter Techniques That Are ESSENTIAL To You As An Internet Marketer, And Leave Out All The Padding And Fluff! You’ll discover why Twitter is a deadly effective marketing tool!

Bonus #74: Twitter for Internet Marketing Professionals ($47 Value)
This course is specifically designed with beginners in mind, so even if you or your reader has never used Twitter to communicate with their prospects before, you’ll both learn how to get the most out of your Twitter marketing campaign!

Bonus #75: Twitter-Header-Bg-V2 ($27 Value)
Stand from the crowd on twitter by using high quality and eye-grabbing header backgrounds. Inside this product package is a set of high quality header backgrounds that you can use for yourself or sell it to others!

Bonus #76: Twitter-Header-Bg-V3 ($27 Value)
Stand from the crowd on twitter by using high quality and eye-grabbing header backgrounds. Inside this product package is a set of high quality header backgrounds that you can use for yourself or sell it to others!

Bonus #77: Twitter Marketing Crash Course ($47 Value)
With this course you will be providing 5 quality lessons full of solid information you and your subscribers can start using to immediately impact your business right away! It contains everything that you need to start using and selling this package!
Bonus #78: Twitter Marketing Made Easy ($47 Value)
One of the most powerful resources about using Twitter for business. You’ll finally be able to harness all the free traffic Twitter has to offer to build your brand, grow your following, make more sales and enjoy your time working online!

Bonus #79: Twitter Traffic Mastery ($47 Value)
The easiest way to monetize your twitter account even if you don’t have a product of your own. How to get your profile ranked for your target keywords, guaranteed. Automate your twitter marketing so you can grow a list on complete auto pilot!

Bonus #80: The 30 Day Formula ($57 Value)
Some of the best marketers and speakers in the Internet Marketing industry will teach you how they make money in a pinch. Each speaker will talk about their own unique ways of driving traffic and making money using squeeze pages, giving you several angles at which to start your business!

Bonus #81: Blogging Crash Course ($27 Value)
In this eBook, you’ll learn all about: Blogging in 21st century: Introduction to online journaling. How can online blogging be profitable to ordinary individuals? How to start your own blog in less than 15 minutes
Writing content and getting constant traffic to your blog and much more!

Bonus #82: Easy Info Launch Course ($37 Value)
Inside this 5 day crash course you will learn an easy to follow process that will help you launch your own successful & profitable information product!

Bonus #83: EBook Publishing Profits ($27 Value)
Inside “EBook Publishing Profits”, you will learn: How to use e-books for marketing and promotion, How to write an e-book, How to make your eBook “user friendly”, Why sell eBooks? How to price your eBook, marketing strategies, Steps to publishing success. How to turn your eBook into profits and much more!

Bonus #84: Monthly PLR Income Stream ($27 Value)
In this e-book, we will take a closer look at PLR content that is available for the majority of membership sites out there. We will explore how to make use of: E-books, Sales letters, Landing Pages (or Squeeze pages), Articles, Thank you pages, E-courses, Blog Posts, Blog Themes, Videos and Audios!

Bonus #85: Outsource Your Business ($27 Value)
Inside this eBook, you will learn all about: Why outsource? What kinds of jobs must be outsourced? Finding professionals to outsource your work to Getting professionals from online jobsites. Outsourcing and the money equation – Deciding how much to pay and how. The three Rs that keep the outsourcing tide flowing – ratings, reviews and relationships, Getting your job done and much, much more!

Bonus #86: Product Pricing Wizard ($27 Value)
Inside this eBook you’ll discover: Pricing strategies: getting started. Pricing with regard to competition. Premium products sell at premium prices. Increase sales by presenting choices. Trials and lead generation. The ultimate testimonial. Value added plus much more!

Bonus #87: Responsive List Building Secrets ($57 Value)
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