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Video Analytics Pro Review And Bonus

General Informations

Creator: Mark Dulisse

Product Name: Video Analytics Pro

Launch Date: 2013-02-05 at 03:00 pm EST

Price: $247

Editor’s Rating
Editor’s Rating
Powerful, Easy-To-Use Tool
Easy To Use
Extremely Affordable
Limited Time Offer
100% Money Back Guarantee
Video Analytics Pro™ is a premium application that gets data from both Google’s (New) Universal Analytics and HTML5 MemberPlayer™ WP plugin which is used to play your video files on your webpages.

What is Video Analtyics Pro?

Video Analytics Pro™ is a premium application that gets data from both Google’s (New) Universal Analytics and HTML5 MemberPlayer™ WP plugin which is used to play your video files on your webpages. As a requirement, you will need to signup for a FREE account with Google’s Universal Analytics, and purchase MemberPlayer™ which is bundled with Video Analytics Pro™ (see below).

There are some powerful salient features of Video Analytics Pro™ which include the following:


Video Analytics Pro™ Powerful Feature #1

  • Universal Analytics is the new operating standard for Google Analytics, which means you are positioned for new advanced reports and measurements.
  • Video Analytics Pro™ gives Event marketing tracking and reports taken directly from Google’s Universal Analytics, so that you can be sure it is reliable.
  •  Using data from Universal Analytics, they filter and do measurable calculations.
  •  Real Time analytics with only a 15 minute delay means you can make the necessary changes quickly to earn more and do more business online.

Video Analytics Pro™ Powerful Feature #2

  • Video Analytics Pro™ enables you to analyze, using one dasboard, every-one of your videos on everyone of your websites.
  • Filter your analysis. You can analyze globally all your videos on a domains, or filter to a specific video that will give you a mazing stats and analysis.
  • Number stats ang graphs – Analysis reports are given in both numberes stats and graphical pie and line charts for easy understanding and visual reference.
  • On-Going Enhancements: There is Update Version Notification in header area when a new release is available as They continue to expand its functions.

Video Analytics Pro™ Powerful Feature #3

  • Video Analytics Pro™ tracks powerful video events and simplifies them by giving you easy to understand and interpret formulations.
  • View Events are actions that viewers take on video. They click play, pause, resume, fast forwark, Rewind, Stop and finish.All they are tracked.
  • Know the Average Frop Off Time and Rate, and the Average Viewer Engagement Time and Rate. Both are powerful measurements to help you reach goals.
  • More tracking: How many videos are loaded, the number of times a video is played, or how many have paused the video and resumed or not, and more.

Video Analytics Pro™ Powerful Feature #4

  • Video Analytics Pro™ dashboard is easy to use and is viewable on all mobile devices, includind smartphones, tablets, PC and Mac desktops.
  • View Stats on all Major Browers, including: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Internet EXplorer,
  • One Click Technology gives you Real Time with only 15 minute delay stats while on mobile.
  • Video Analytics is lucrative business for those who have the right stats and formula’s.Video Analytics Pro™ empowers you with knowledge.

Video Analytics Pro™ Powerful Feature #5

  • Video Analytics Pro™ generates a downloadable PDF Report with custom header with clients name and website, making it personal to them.
  • Brand your report with you Branded company name, your website, and eamil address, making you the star of the show.
  • Give to clients this Professional Generated Report for any date you select.
  • Includes all analytics data from application, includind data from graphs, heatmap, video events, mobile vs destop, and more…

Video Analytics Pro™ Powerful Feature #6

  • Video Analytics Pro™ leading edge technology enables you to generate a color heatmap that visually tells you whre your visitors are engaging.
  • Heatmaps visually show you wew your videos are being watched, paused, fast forwarded, rewinded, finished, and abandoned.
  • 5 Visual Color - As your video is engaged more, the colors change from Green-Yellow-Orange-Red. The color Grey means’ skipped’.
  • Split Test: You are able to split test two specific dates for a specific video and generate a Heatmap. Great for analyzing how viewers engage.

Video Analytics Pro™ Powerful Feature #7

  • Video Analytics Pro™ has a robust Date picker where you can easily choose the dates that you want to analyze.
  • Real Time Today, when selected, will give you REAL TIME with only a 15 minute delay so that you can make quick changes to your video for higher
  • Split Test Two Dates – You are able to filter to a specific video (ie, launch video,) and split test two diffent dates for Heat Map results.
  • Data At Your Finger Tips: At any time, simply choose another date, click ‘Filter Data’ button, and boom… Results are available.

Video Analytics Pro™ Powerful Feature #8



  • It will work with MemberPlayer, then he will be extending it to Covert Player and SalesPress Pro
  •  It reflects unique visitors
  • It will also produce split testing with two heatmaps.
  • 100% Money Back 30 Day Guarantee, You Can’t Loose!
  • Much Much more!


  • You must spend $247 to own this awesome product, not really a best price.
  • It is self hosted videos only.The benefit of self hosted videos on your website are mainly three:

1. You don’t have any traffic being pulled away from your site to Youtube if they click on video logo or title, etc.
2. Google’s search engine includes self hosted video thumbnails in the search engines and which points directly to your domain. A youtube video in Google’s search points to Youtube, not your domain.
3. Control. If someone decides to delete your Youtube video or channel, you have no more video on your websites.

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Video Analytics Pro - About Mark Dulisse

Mark Dulisse has been earning his living online since the fall of 2008. He regularly posts advice about SEO (his passion), and Internet Marketing. He is the creator of a suite of popular traffic and online marketing tools.

When you get Video Analytics Pro from my link you will be instantly sent a:

  •  Video Analytics Pro (standalone) = $247:

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  •  Video Analytics Pro + MemberPlayer Bundle (Developers & Client Sites License) = $347:

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But That’s Not All..

Order Today And Also Get Instant Access To These Exclusive Bonuses PLUS Your $40-$70 Discount!

Video Analytics Pro Bonus

Bonus #1 : Tube Optimizer Wizard – Now you can get free, highly targeted search engine traffic without worrying about Pandas or Penguins! Do YOU Want to Rank YOUR Videos on Page #1 of Google….. In Just a Matter of Hours?

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Bonus #6 : WordPress As A Content Hub – idea On How To Use WordPress As A Content Hub!

Bonus #7 :Video Traffic Guru – Video Marketing ebook “Video Traffic Guru” looks at Finding Your Niche, Niche Research, Keyword Research, Setting Up Your Website, Creating Your Video, Screen Capture Videos, Slideshow Videos, Webcam Video, Uploading Your Video, Marketing Your Video.

Bonus #8 : The Guide To Becoming A Video Transfer Expert – Do You Wish To Learn All Techniques Of Video Transfer? Do You Always Wish To Secure Your Home Captured Videos Into Long Lasting And Durable Forms? A Comprehensive Guide to All Your Video Transfer Queries and Problems!

Bonus #9 : Clone WP Blogs Manually – Clone Your WordPress Blog Manually In Just Under 10 Minutes! I’ll Show You Exactly How – Includes Step-By-Step Screenshots!

Bonus #10 : Conversion Cyclone – $162.33 From 15 Minutes Work With A Small List? This Is So Simple And It Works!



  1. Get Video Analytics Pro  below. Be sure to close out of all other tabs just in case you opened them from another affiliate.
  2.  Once your order is complete, send me your full name + order number + Paypal email (for rebate!) to adamwong201288@gmail.com with the following subject line: “ Video Analytics Pro $40 Rebate + Bonuses”or “ Video Analytics Pro $50 Rebate + Bonuses” or  “ Video Analytics Pro $70 Rebate + Bonuses”
  3.  Once we verify your purchase, we will send the $40-$70 directly to your Paypal account and you will receive a link to download your bonuses.

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