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Product Name: B R I X

Launch Date: April 10, 2018

Launch Time: 9:00 AM EST

Created By: Derek Allen

If you are into affiliate marketing, then you will know that clicks are very much important to earn money. Well, B R I X is one such product that claims to provide better clicks for increasing your income.

They also claim that this is 100% newbie friendly as well as efficient. But these facts are not true at all. It is basically a scam which tricks people and lure them to try out this product. While you will be waiting to get a result, you will never get it. All the claims that it makes about earning thousands of bucks per month are all false.

Results Are Fake

As soon as you will enter the website, you will see people are recommending this product and want you to buy it. Even they will show you some result where people have earn thousands of dollars in just 30 days.

All these are fake and scam. This product is personally tried and tested and it brings no result at all. In fact, Derek Allen who is the creator of this product make some fake claims and promises to lure the people. You never get the result that they promise or expect to get.

Useless Training

The training that you will be asked to take by B R I X is completely useless. It takes around 2 hours and they only discuss about the basics. You may get to know about those data and information from anywhere.

With that training you can never build a professional and profitable affiliate business. For that you need to have a thorough and deep knowledge like my #1 recommended source. There are many more reliable training courses available online that you can take to be an expert in this.

Final Verdict

It is completely false that one can gain thousands of dollars in just 30 days using B R I X. Then, probably there will not be any training institute or online training course who take months and years to teach different aspects of marketing.

The result was a complete disaster and you must stay away from this scam. It will save your time as well as money for good. You can opt for some better credible programs that use legit methods to help you increase your income in affiliate marketing.

What Now?

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