Incognito Review – Does Incognito Actually Work?

Incognito Review – Does Incognito Actually Work?
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What is Incognito?

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular methods one can use to generate income online. However, in order to earn a living out of this method, you have to be good. The need for affiliating marketing training has seen rise to many online courses each claiming to be the best. One such training program is Incognito.

This is a program by Brendan Mace that claims to provide a new way that can get you earning $319 daily. It is designed for newbies and promises to the user earning within 24hrs after going through it. The deal sounds too sweet which can leave you wondering whether this is just but another scam in the market. Read on to get a clear picture of this course.

Does Incognito really work?

The working mechanism of this program is hidden throughout the training. That could be the reason it was called incognito in the first place. Was incognito the only name Brendan could think of? The program teaches the user to go incognito in affiliate marketing which may not work out well. Reputations count when it comes to online deals where people must trust you before buying from you. So, how will they trust you if they don’t know you?

You will go through the whole video but there is nowhere you will get real insights about how you are supposed to make money. The sales page and the video are meant to excite you on how you can earn huge amount of money. Then you will purchase the program only to realize you wasted your hard-earned cash.

The training promises may seem too good to be true. It is not realistic for a newbie to earn the amount the program promises. To make it even more suspicious, the amount can be earned within 24 hrs. This may not be true since if that’s the case, every online marketer would be rich today.

The program suggests using paid traffic. It doesn’t expound on any effective methods on free traffic and thus the conclusion the main idea is to use paid traffic. Since the training is designed for newbies, it means they may not be doing well in life.

So, how do you expect the newbie to afford paid traffic? It is too expensive. Besides, even if the newbie can afford it, paid traffic involves trial and error and may not even work out well.

Should I buy Incognito or not?

Well, Incognito is a program that could see spend more money than you can manage to earn. The price tag for the training program is $12.95 but you can end up spending almost $2000. There are many hidden upsells that Brendan doesn’t tell you when you are making the purchase. Overall, buying this program is not recommended. The sales page is just too sweet with the aim of misleading you to buy something that won’t help you.

You need something practical and effective for you to generate income through affiliate marketing. The Commission Machine is your best bet in this. Unlike, Incognito, The Commission Machine is a well-structured program with real and proven insights to help you earn big within a short time.

The program comes with a 1-month full money guarantee. That means you won’t have to worry about getting conned your hard-earned cash. If it doesn’t work out well, you get your money back. Well, if it works, you start earning big while you sleep. Try it now and you will never regret.