Sense Drill Review – Is Sense Drill a Scam?

Sense Drill Review – Is Sense Drill a Scam?
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What is Sense Drill?

Making money online has become one of the mainstream sources of income for many people. One of the popular ways of earning online is monetizing blogs with AdSense.

Before venturing into AdSense scheme, one has to know what it entails. You have to know the rules you have to follow. Failure to this, one may be blocked out from the AdSense services.

There are many training programs that have been created to equip people with the necessary skills for them to reap the most out of Google AdSense. One such training is Sense Drill.

This is a program from Ivana Bosnjak which claims to offer advice in setting up a website, content creation and guide in applying for Google AdSense. The course also claims to help you in driving cheap and lot of traffic to your website through the Facebook ad.

However, never judge a book by its cover. The program may be promising to deliver heaven but give you hell by wasting your money and time. Read on to get a full picture of the program.

Does Sense Drill really work?

Sense Drill comes as a package of more 20 videos, two PDFs, and several case studies. The number of videos alone will leave one more confused than they were in the first place.

By the time a person with no tech skills is done watching these videos, they will not have gained anything. Since the course is meant for people with no technical know-how, then it should be short and precise for the user to gain something out of it.


The program’s method of training a user to create content is not good. They will show you how to re-write an article in a block of 500 words. So, how do you know whether the info in the article is correct? You may end-up posting incorrect info on your website which can cost you dearly.

The training also teaches you stuff the re-written content with ads which can’t go well with your website’s guests. No one likes a page full of ads from the top to the bottom of the page. You will be scaring away your guests who could give you valuable clicks.

The sales page of this program promises one a lot of free time but earn big at the same time. So, how is that possible given the number of videos one has to go through? Besides, the huge amount of earns the programs promises is unrealistic.

Earning more than $9000 in a month when working for an hour daily has never been heard of. Even the stinking rich elites of the world had/have to work hard to earn big.

Simply said, the promises of the program are nothing but baits to get your hard-earned cash out of your pocket with nothing in return.

Should I buy Sense Drill or not?

Buying Sense Drill should never ever cross your mind. You will be wasting your money and time going through all those videos. You need something practical and effective that can get you a steady income from Ads.

That thing is nothing else but The Commission Machine program. The course is short and precise with just 7 video modules that are easy to follow.

This training will get you earning big within no time without spending your hard-earned money on Ads. To make the deal sweeter, you can try the program for 1 month. If it doesn’t work well for you, you get your money back. If it works well for you, you will your bank account fatter daily. So, why not try it out now?