Sorting Social Review

Sorting Social Review
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  • Product Name: Sorting Social
  • Product Creator: BeachinSoft
  • Price: $47
  • Official WebSite:
  • My thoughts: 100% Recommended

Do you love using Pinterest? Do you prefer keeping your pins organized? Well, in either case, Sorting Social is one of the perfect platforms for you.

Not only does it help you search for pins by using any random keyword, but it’s equally handy in sorting pins and informing you about the number of times they have been repined. This in turn, helps you understand the attitude of your potential audience and you eventually get to know what truly matters to them.

But how exactly does one use this platform? What are its different features? How does one get started on Sorting Social? Well, that is exactly what we’re going to find out in the following section. So keep reading to know everything that you always wanted to know about this new and incredibly useful platform.

Why do you need Sorting Social?

In October 2017, Pinterest rolled out a new update which made things pretty difficult for alarge number of users. According to this update, a user could no longer check out the repins of a particular Pinterest post.

And this is exactly where Sorting Social comes to play. The makers of this platform found a loophole in this new Pinterest update. They used this loophole to their advantage and eventually came up with Sorting Social, an entirely new pin tracking platform where you can search pins by almost any possible keyword and find thousands of related pins as your results.

And guess what the best part is? Unlike Pinterest that doesn’t let you check the number of times a post has been re-pinned, this platform will give you every detail about the repins and also sort the most top rated repins at the beginning of their page.

Pretty awesome isn’t it? But I know what you’re thinking right now. You’re wondering why exactly, does one need to sort these repins in the first place.

And I have just the right answer for you. You’ll need to sort these repins, because it’ll help you understand what your potential audience likes. Once you get this idea, you’ll have the chance to organize campaigns that are customer centric and completely focused on the likes and needs of your potential audience.

For instance, if you’re looking for some new ideas related to a Teespring campaign, simply search snowboard quotes’ to figure out what matters the most to your customers. Similarly, if you’re looking for kitchen gadgets that can be sold with Facebook ads, simply search for kitchen gadgets’ and you’ll find out hundreds of products that’d definitely sell.

What makes this platform special?

Like I already mentioned, Sorting Social comes with some of the best features. So whether you’re a Pinterest marketer or a random hobbyist- these features will definitely cater to your requirements. Here’s a list of the top features of this platform.

Find out the exact number of repins- Considering the fact that Pinterest no longer has the option of checking the number of repins, this is one feature that’ll definitely work for you. This will not only show you the exact number of repins on a post, but will also help you sort out the most leading posts according to the number of pins.

Save your pins- Not all of us have the time to regularly check and follow the pins. And this is why; Sorting Social has a feature of saving your pins. All you need to do is save any pin you like, and you can always come back to check them later when you have ample time in hand.

Incredible ideas- If you’re looking for new ideas to incorporate in your upcoming marketing campaign- Sorting Social is definitely one of the best platforms out there. Simply search for relevant keywords related to your campaigns, and you’ll find thousands of ideas to keep your business running. So whether it’s a t-shirt campaign or a dropshipping one- Sorting Social will totally have you covered!

Is Sorting Social worth your time?

If you’re looking to make the most out of your marketing campaigns and track what your customers really like- Sorting Social is definitely worth your time. This platform curates everything that you need and lets you access it without any complications or hassles. So what are you waiting for? Use this platform for cooler ideas and better marketing!

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