Ultimate Directory System 2017

Ultimate Directory System 2017
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Product Name : Ultimate Directory System 2017

Author Name : Luther Landro

Official Website : https://www.successwithluther.com/p/ultimate-directory-system-2017

To simplify the process of looking for a professional in some niche, an online directory is your best shot at simplifying the entire process.

That is the reason Ultimate Directory System 2017 producer got the idea of coming up with this software that seeks to make such directories for different businesses to be visible.

Users get to submit their reviews on the listed businesses, which makes it easier for you to search for such services to pick the ideal service provider.

Let’s Talk About the Author

Luther, who’ s the author of the product together with a mechanic, Reilly Labs heard Tom’s story who was running a directory website in Sedona for physicians, he got an idea. He noticed that there was a tool, which could help to set up many similar sites as possible would provide people a chance to be financially free while working from home.

Just like Tom, this system offers you an opportunity of making $497 on each listing/client per month which will translate to a whopping $15,000 just for working for 4 hours daily. His passion for seeing many people make cash using the internet drives him into inventing more products such as the Ultimate Directory System 2017. Luther is an SEO expert, product marketer, and social media guru.

Features Of Ultimate Directory System 2017

• Availability to the WordPress theme of Reilly Labs Directory which is easy and clean to follow.

• Self-service listings for customers to customize them as they want for optimum satisfaction.

• Have a first page ranking on Google is guaranteed automatically having this package as it comes along with a bonus Search Engine Optimized plugin.

• A built-in e-commerce system for processing payments securely right on the website. Clients can be billed either weekly, bi-weekly, every month or quarterly based on your agreement.

• The appealing design which is inspired by Yellow Pages for convenience and familiarity for all those involved.

• Explain of training video in detail to know how to set up the directory websites. It has to be keenly followed for one to be able to know how to establish and use this Ultimate Directory System for optimum results.

• Built-in legal forms such as privacy policy and terms and conditions. It will protect you from breaking any PayPal’s rules and to avoid disputes with clients because of malpractice.

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How The Ultimate Directory System Works

This fully developed software helps users to create directory sites without the hassle which is associated with developing one.

It’s all done with the only task being to set it up that is as easy as following the provided steps. It as well handles other related parts like sales, payments and any other relevant part of the business. A plugin which you can install comes along with the package to get a fast, quick step-by-step guide on how you can install the system.

It integrates seamlessly with any directory site you’re presently running on your computer without any effect. Only add your automated buttons through the available plugin to update the system that’s all.

Who should buy this?

Those who have tried to start and run a home-based business without having much luck will immensely benefit from having this product.

It does not require any business or technical expertise. All that’s needed is the zeal to succeed and no doubt you will. Ultimate Directory System 2017 is suitable for those having some similar directory sites, just consider this as an advanced or updated version for your current site.

It has cool plugins for automating the e-commerce system and making your website SEO-friendly to rank on the first page. This ranking will have many clients lining up to register to reach the same visibility status too.

It translates to excellent business that in turn means more money in the bank for you so quickly take advantage.


• No, any prior technical knowledge is needed to use it as the site has already been set up. You only have to install it and begin earning within a week!

• You don’t require any accounting knowledge because payments are automated, you don’t need a checking account.

• Instructions on how you can build the sites are given through easy to follow video included in your Ultimate Directory System 2017.

• Alos, you can build as a lot of directory sites for so many niches, and you can run to offer an all-round service. Just follow the how-to steps in your instruction video.

• You get the chance to group some similar niches on a single directory by making sub-niches.

• As soon as your directory site(s) is up and functioning, customers get to customize and submit their listings however they want after they pay for space.

• Any money you earn is directly deposited into your PayPal account from these directory websites making it convenient for you.

• There’s a medium for you to make a lot of cash through banner ads, which can be placed on the site.

• There is no any heavy lifting is required after setting up the website because the rest is up to the experts to make the postings. No need to meet your clients as every related agreements and transaction are conducted online. Meaning you can run many directories in different cities and towns as you like easily.


• It works best for small cities and towns as this is what inspired the creator to come up with the product. This is because the competition is less as opposed to the major cities.

• There’s a maintenance fee charged monthly.


With an easy to use directory site, a mechanic from Sedona made $15,000 a month without hassle.

Unlike his system which had to be done from scratch that has cost him a tidy amount, this tool immensely simplifies the entire process by removing the site designer and his fee.

All that is needed is to get a handle on how you can set-up the websites through the given instructions and you are set for life. You have an opportunity of running your business from home without bordering about the maintenance fees or overhead costs thanks to this Ultimate Directory System 2017. Stop doubting and get yours today!

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